Hike of one hundred waterfalls

From Kibune-guchi train station north of Kyoto, a bus took visitors up the hill to the mountain temples, but that would have meant missing the countless waterfalls on the three kilometre trek. So I ploughed up the roadside where streams of cars passed. It was shady and although a warm summer day, it grew cooler as I climbed.

Kibune forest, north  of Kyoto
Kibune Valley forest, North Kyoto
Kibune River, north  of Kyoto
Near Kibuneguchi train station

On the way down I spotted an oriental white stork in the Kibune River. While I watched its long stick legs creep one step at a time towards prey, I saw it catch at least three tiny fish in its beak. A real treat.

Oriental white stork, Kibune River
Oriental white stork, Kibune River