Kifune Jinji Oku-no-miya

Further up Kibune River was the last shrine, originally the site of Kifune Shrine before it was moved in 1055. This shrine was also dedicated to the diety of water and rain.

Kibune trail, North Kyoto
Kibune trail, North of Kyoto

It was believed that in the fifth century, the mother of the first emperor sailed up the river and landed at this site, but I wonder how her boat managed the rapids and shallow sections of the river.

Kifune Jinji Oku-no-miya, Kibune
Kifune Jinji Oku-no-miya, Kibune

Still, it was no wonder the shrines along Kifune River were dedicated to water. The sound of the rushing stream was ever present. Tall trees enveloped the entire setting and added to the serenity. I hesitated before turning back, not wanting the journey to end.

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