District of a thousand temples

I strolled the streets of Tokyo’s Yanaka District where it felt like there were temples on every corner. In fact, there were sixty — still a surprising number for this small district.


Gokokusan Tenno-ji Temple, Yanaka
Copper Buddha outside Gokokusan Tenno-ji Temple, Yanaka District, Tokyo

Gokokusan Tenno-ji Temple established between 1394 and 1427 was one of the few ancient temples left in Tokyo after WW11. The copper sitting Buddha at its entrance was created in 1690, but my favourite section was the sand garden at the side of the main building.

Gokokusan Tenno-ji Temple, Yanaka
Japanese garden within Gokokusan Tenno-ji Temple 

Further on I walked across a bridge and through Romom Gate to arrive at Nedu Jinja. Surrounded by trees, this complex once had a huge tori at its entrance.

Nedu Jinja, Yanaka
Entering Nadu Jinja’s main complex, Yanaka District, Tokyo