Senso-ji Temple

While Senso-ji was the oldest temple site in Tokyo, it was rebuilt a number of times. The present reincarnation was modelled on the 1692 version.

Kaminari-mon Gate, Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa
Kaminari-mon gate, Senso-ji Temple and the overpowering aroma of incense

I came through the back door rather than through the Kaminari-mon gate, and discovered huge grounds covered with buildings, statues and sub-shrines.

Pagoda from Main Hall, Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa
Pagoda from the main hall, Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa

It was difficult to navigate up the steps of Senso-ji’s main hall because of the number of visitors. The opulence of both the exterior and interior had those who were not held up with prayers ogling from one corner to the next.

Main hall, Senso-ji Temple. Asakusa
The main hall, Senso-ji Temple, Asakusa

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