Yokohama’s skyline

Yokohama was a network of modern skyscrapers along the Bay of Tokyo. I took a waterfront hike to Rinko Park passing nearly as many cranes operating on building sites as completed structures.

Pier 21, Tokyo Bay, Yokohama
Pier 21, Tokyo Bay, Yokohama

In 1923 a deadly earthquake and subsequent fire not only destroyed much of Yokohama, but killed 20 000 people. After rebuilding the city and setting aside an area for industry, the city was obliterated once again during World War 11.

Intercontinental Yokohama Grand
Intercontinental Yokohama Grand near Rinko Park

The U.S. was slow to allow rebuilding, thus the modern buildings were more tasteful than those in Tokyo. This was no tourist site, so I spent a quiet morning with only classes of students heading to the Noodle Cup Museum, disturbing an otherwise quiet hike.