Narita-san Park

I’d walked through Narita-san Park two decades back, but all I remembered from that time was a frozen pond. Although it hadn’t been snowing, it was an icy January 1stday.

Within Naritasan Park
Within Narita-san Park

On my recent return, it was summer and I made my way along the path searching for the same pond. I’d forgotten the stone lanterns, stone statues and stones inscribed with calligraphy that stood within a sentinel of trees.

Naritasan Park
The tip of Naritasan Shinshorji Temple’s 3 storied pagoda behind the park

Descending the path, I arrived at one of the three ponds where koi wavered near the surface and trees clung to the water’s edge. What a beautiful spot to linger, but I wasn’t able to stay longer. I had to catch the train back to the airport. It was time to see if my home was still standing after a three month absence.

Naritasan Shinshorji Temple
Leaving Naritasan Park and stepping back down into Naritasan Shinshorji Temple


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