Hong-do Island’s Dadohaehaesang National Park

From the lower steps within the national park, the climb didn’t appear daunting, but that was deceiving because much of the pathway lay hidden within the forest. Few people were on the trail. I encountered about twelve during the climb, so it was quiet except for the chatter of birds.

Gitdaebong trail, Dadohaehaesang National Park
Gitdaebond Trail view, Dadohaehaesang National Park

The first 900 metres was nothing but steps climbing higher and higher, and the view lay hidden by the dense forest. When I reached a cairn, I set one fallen stone back in place hoping it would encourage me to keep going.

Although this was only a two kilometre trail, constant climbing made it hard going, but climbers were rewarded at the top with a panoramic view from three sides. If it hadn’t been so foggy, the view would have been even better. Descending was a breeze and hardly took any time.

Gitdaebong trail, Dadohaehaesang National Park
At the summit

But when I reached the small town, most of the restaurants had closed, but a couple I met on the trail and I found at least one place still doing business.

2 thoughts on “Hong-do Island’s Dadohaehaesang National Park”

  1. I hope you enjoyed your visit to Korea. Mokpo was on our list in June. But there were way too many places to visit and we had to skip it. Korean mountains are quite deceiving. They appear smaller than they are and trails look simple. However, it isn’t as easy once you’re on it. I loved reading your posts. Can’t wait to read more. I took a trip back home in October and then to Jeju. Got a bit of autumn last week. 🙂

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