Beomeosa Temple

Three gates flanked the entrance to Beomeosa Temple. The first, Jogyemun Gate was built in the 1700s with four stone pillars supporting the roof. The third gate, the Burimum Gate was the most interesting and had been reconstructed less that ten years ago.

Beomeosa Temple Burimum gate
Inside Burimum gate, Beomeosa Temple

Finally I reached Daeungjeon Hall and realized there was a whole network of buildings, not just a single temple. While I wandered from one colourful building to the next, I glimpsed Buddhists kneeling inside a number of buildings, a Buddha statue gazing down at them.

Bell Pavillion, Beomeosa Temple
Bell pavilion, Beomeosa Temple

I caught a whiff of incense before I approached the Bell Pavilion where a huge bell was suspended above the room. Beside it was an equally large Dharma drum with a fish shaped gone and a cloud shaped gong.

Set in the hills to the north of Busan, the temple grounds were so peaceful that I wasn’t ready to leave the site. Luckily, I discovered there was more to see.

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