Beomeosa Temple grounds

After roaming the temple buildings, I stumbled upon a cafeteria where free vegetarian food was offered to all visitors. Then after lunch explored the forest surrounding the temple site. Outside was a 560 year old ginkgo tree planted by a Buddhist monk after the Japanese invaded Joseon in 1592. The tree didn’t bare any nuts so 300 years ago a male ginkgo tree was planted not far away. The tree then produced thirty large sacks of nuts annually.

gingko tree, Beomeosa Temple grounds
Gingko tree, Beomeosa Temple grounds

Further ahead Sunyeonggang River meandered between huge boulders where some visitors picnicked. Because of the sound of running water cascading from one pool to the next and the pristine beauty of the forest, I kept wandering from the mini bamboo forest through trees just beginning to turn yellow.

Beomeosa Temple grounds
Bamboo forest, Beomeosa Temple grounds