Bulguksa Temple Museum

The museum was located at the entrance to the temple grounds and housed relics that had been recovered during the excavation of the complex in 1966. While there were crowds milling through Bulguksa Temple, the museum was relatively quiet.

Sutra cabinet, late Joseon period
Sutra cabinet, late Joseon period

One book on display recorded the construction of the temple that began in the 5thcentury as well as repairs undertaken. This included maintenance to Seokgatap Pagoda that was affected by an earthquake in 1036 and had to be dismantled and repaired. Other old manuscripts were on Silla Buddhism and the Joseon period..

Gilt-bronze outer relic casket
Gilt-bronze casket

Also on display were documents, small wooden pagodas, ornaments, incense, Buddhist scriptures and glass beads that allowed me a greater feel for the complex when I walked through the grounds and buildings.


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