Three-storey pagodas

After unifying the three kingdoms on the Korean Peninsula in the latter half of the 600s AD, King Munmu-wang, the 30thruler of Silla began construction on Gameusaji temple in the hope of repelling Japanese invasions. Because he died before its completion, his son, King Sinmun completed the project in 682 AD.

Gameunsaji Temple site, Gyeongju
Gameunsaji temple site, Gyeongju

These twin pagodas located close to the East Sea were assembled with each storey consisting of several stone blocks. These were the largest three stone pagodas in Gyeongju.

Gameunsaji Temple site, Gyeongju

When the pagodas were dismantled for repair in the 20thcentury, gilt-bronze Buddhist relics were discovered in the body of each pagoda.