Tomb of King Wongseong

In eastern Gyeongju statues of Muninseok scholars, Muninseok warriors, stone lions and a stone pillar stood at each side of the entrance to the tomb of King Wongseong. These statues were intended to mark the border between this world and the next. Surprisingly, the scholar and warrior statues were realistic. As I passed them, I felt as if their eyes followed me.

Tomb of King Wonseong, Gyeongju
Statues lining the path to King Wongseong’s tomb

Ahead was King Wonseong’s tomb, the 38th king of Silla who lived from 785-798. A stone fence circled the tumulus and featured the twelve oriental zodiac signs that were surrounded by a stone fence.

By Tomb of King Wonseong, Gyeongju
Forest by the tomb of King Wonseong

This tomb was enclosed on three side by forest that added to the tranquility of the setting.

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