Halla Eco-forest

Finally I made it to Jeju Island. This was my reason for returning to South Korea. My first stop was Halla Eco-forest on the way to Hallasan National Park. I stopped for a breather after manoeuvring through Jeju-si traffic since I decided to rent a car. The eco-forest sat on the fringe of the national park and although displays in the visitors’ centre were only in Korean, at least the park signage was in both Korean and English.

Halla Eco-Forest, Jeju Island
Halla Eco-Forest, Jeju Island

Sections were designated to fruit trees, maple trees and ferns for example. There were signs in some places that warned of snakes, but I never saw any.

Korean provit, Halla Eco-Forest, Jeju Island
Belonging to the olive family

The highlight for me was firstly spotting a deer that scooted away when I approached. Then, as I headed back to the car park, two Korean ring necked pheasants scattered when I drew near.

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