Dolhan Maeul traditional village

One of the best sites within Jeju Stone Park was a Jeju traditional village where thatched-roof houses stood in clusters surrounded by stone fences. At the entrance to the village were Biseokgeori — monuments of people to be remembered.

Bisgeokeori, Jeju Stone Park
Bisgeokeori, at the village entrance

Most of the houses were empty with their doors open so I could peer inside to discover that houses contained three rooms. A traditional Jeju yard had a vegetable garden and a stack of hay.  Villages contained several horse drawn mills to grind grain and sometimes used people to turn the millstone.

Ceiling in traditional house, Dolhan Maeul Traditional village Jeju Stone Park
Ceiling in a Jeju traditional house

Lastly, villages often constructed Bangsatap, cone shaped towers following the principles of Feng Shu to ward off misfortune and protect themselves, their livestock and property.

Bangsatap, Jeju Stone Park
Bangsatap, Dolhan Maeul Traditional Village