A taste for Jeju

Jeju Island was my favourite place to eat in South Korea. It was seafood heaven, and if you’re a fan of the delights from the ocean, this is the island to head to for variety and freshness.

Sea squirt (meong-ge) by Yongmeori Coast, Jeju
Fresh sea squirt (meong-ge) for sale straight from the ocean, Yongmeori Coast

One of my favourite dishes was seafood pancake filled with an abundance of shellfish, but I also tried mung bean pancake (almost as good).

Seafood soup, Aewol
Seafood soup, Aewol

Soups were to die for too. Seafood soup contained more seafood than I could imagine. I’d been advised by a Korean friend to make sure I tried abalone soup — a specialty of Jeju and it was so good, I drove back to the same restaurant near Stone Park the following day to savour its flavour again.

Abalone stew in a hot pot, Seogwipo
Abalone stew with bunchun, Seogwipo

Now I’m back home, I’ve shopped in Asian stores to purchase the necessary ingredients like doenjang (soybean paste) and boullion (shiitake and anchovy stock bags) to capture those unique flavours that only Asia creates.


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  1. hahah…I know how you feel. We were so excited on our first trip to Jeju. We ate fish (my fav) and so many soups. These days, it’s a little different. I’ve not eaten Korean food in a long time. 🙂 We’re eating the Koreanized versions of Mexican or Thai. And we’ve found a south Asian food store delivering spices to cook Indian cuisine. 🙂

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      1. Ah, sorry for my misunderstanding. Vancouver is our 2nd home. Metro Vancouver…especially in the suburbs there are many Korean food establishments.

        Like Toronto, another place where I lived and worked for many years.

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