One of the three god’s mountains

I headed to Mara Provincial Marine Park to circuit the coastline. This was only a three kilometre trail running along the high cliffs above the East China Sea. I hoped for a better view of its highest point.

Mt Songaksan Mara Provincial Marine Park
Mara Provincial Marine Park, Jeju Island

At the centre of the park was Mt Songaksan which had two craters at its highest peak and an additional crater inside the bigger one. I wanted to climb to the craters, but the path was blocked with a sign that read “limited access”. Still, I managed to glimpse one of the craters from the most southerly point.

Mt Songaksan Mara Provincial Marine Park
Near the end of the trail, Mara Provincial Marine Park

If I didn’t count the two tiny islands, Gapado and Marado off the coast, I stood on the most southern point of Jeju Island and South Korea. Across the sea lay Japan to the east and China to the west. A cool sea breeze floated over me. High cliffs swept down to meet the waves along the shoreline. No wonder the ancients called Mt Songaksan, Yeongju — one of the three god’s mountains.