My final search for an oreum

I had driven almost full circle around Jeju Island and arrived near the western half of Hallasan National Park. I was ready to find an oreum that had so far evaded me within the park’s eastern side.

Eoseungsaengak Trail, Hallasan National Park
By the side of Eoseungsaengak Trail, Hallasan National Park

Eoseungsaengak Trail was just the place. It was only a 1.3 kilometre  hike, but rose 1169 metres above sea level so the trail was steep. The path was well kept. In fact, I passed two maintenance workers carrying out repairs on my way up.

At the summit I stood on top of an oreum — a volcanic cone with a 360 degree view. Across was Mt Hallasan with clouds misting over the top. To the north, was Jeju-si and below Eorimok Valley. I could see where I’d parked the car — a reminder of how far I’d climbed.

Car park below from the summit
The car park below from the oreum’s summit

Now I’d seen an oreum, I realized I’d passed many more. They looked like mountains on the surface covered in vegetation. But they had once been small volcanoes within the main volcano — Mt Hallasan.

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