Hovering prayers of autumn

Chunwangsa Buddhist Temple was tucked away in one of the nighty-nine valleys of Hallasan National Park. I might never have entered the grounds except for the time of year.

Chungwangsa Temple grounds, Hallasan National Park
Chaugwangsa Temple grounds

Nearly three weeks had passed since I arrived in South Korea when there’d been a hint of autumn. Now the leaves had turned golden and some red so the temple’s surroundings were stunning.

Chungwangsa Temple grounds, Hallasan National Park
Chungwangsa Temple grounds

I climbed to the highest point on the grounds and looked down on a mass of colour while a voice droned over a loud speaker with a hypnotic rhythm. The Chunwangsa Temple was renowned for its Lohan prayers and Sanshin mountain spirit prayers and I imagined that was what I heard as I ambled around the site.