Deer diary

This is my second segment on animal encounters after being inspired by videos of animals entering human spaces since the lockdown.

Charter Hill
This deer photographed going through my back yard, Coquitlam, B.C.

In my city, coming across deer is common. Almost daily I spotted them crossing the school grounds where I worked. At home they traipsed through my property into the neighbour’s yard opposite. If I didn’t spot them, I knew they’d passed because I’d discover half eaten plants.

Stopping traffic to cross the road

One hot summer two deer spent the day moving from one side of my yard to the other following the shade. But the best encounter was while I dug out weeds from the grass in my backyard. All was quiet when I sensed someone watching me. I turned to check behind while crouched on the ground and saw a fretful doe with her baby wanting to get passed and back into the woods. I didn’t move because they were only a couple of metres behind me. Instead, I turned away and remained crouched. The doe scooted by and hightailed it over my fence. Then she waited because the fawn was still behind me. Soon it scampered off having a little difficulty jumping the fence, but it wasn’t long before they both disappeared into the forest at the back of my property.

Nibbling leaves by a busy road

After writing this, only yesterday I spotted two deer on my hike up to Eagle Mountain. Like the cars heading along the road, I stopped and waited until they crossed to feast on greenery at the side of the road.

So while others post rare scenes of animals invading deserted streets, in my city, it was a common sight even before the lockdown.