A reserve that should have been preserved

When I caught a train to Tamsui, my eyes followed a trail running parallel to the tracks that continued all the way to the last MRT station. On the journey I spotted so many pieces of garbage it seemed like someone had tipped a box of never-ending litter along the route.

Black crowned night heron, Guandu Nature Reserve
Is it a tern? Guandu Nature Reserve

I arrived at Guandu Nature Reserve and discovered it was closed, but that didn’t matter because a walk/bikeway cut straight through the middle of the reserve. As soon as I arrived at the water’s edge, I spotted shore birds searching for pickings that ignored me until I stopped, then dashed for cover amongst the mangroves. Further ahead a great white egret searched for prey.

Keelung and Tamsui Rivers, Guandu Nature Reserve
Keelung & Tamsui Rivers, Guandu Nature Reserve

Sadly, garbage lay along the shoreline, and in amongst the mangroves I spotted a huge plastic bag obviously full of garbage. The water was murky and even though mangroves help clean the water, there must have been too much pollution despite the trees lining the river for several kilometres.

This was an impressive wetlands, but a pity the litterbugs didn’t seem to agree.