High above Taipei City

On the edge of Taipei City I sailed up Maokong Mountain on the Maokong Gondola. As soon as I got to the top I heard a passenger in the cabin before mine go straight to the ticket counter and ask for a ticket to head back down again. I shook my head. Were they only interested in the ride? There was an entire mountain to explore.

Maokong Gondola, Taipei
Maokong Gondola, Taipei City

I hiked over the hilly terrain and soaked up slightly cooler air than the  27 degrees three hundred metres below. I was searching for the Camphor Tree Trail. Just the name was enough to keep me enthusiastic. But finding the entrance to trails was sometimes tricky, but once I was on a trail the signage was clear and frequent.

Camphor Tree Trail, Wenshan District
Camphor Tree Trail, Wenshan District, Taipei

This pathway offered views of Taipei City as well as lush vegetation. Although there had been a long line up for the gondola ride, most people stayed on the narrow main roads that wound around the mountain top, so I seldom came across another hiker.

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