Tunnel of Nine Turns

Taroko National Park’s Jiuqudong Trail or Tunnel of Nine Turns was a close up view of the Liwu River and Taroko Gorge. The gorge was formed over 200 million years ago by the earth’s crust rising and the river eroding to form a gorge. Limestone was formed, but from high temperatures and pressure, it metamorphosed into marble.

Jiuqudong Trail, Taroko National Park
Where the Kelan River joined the Liwu River

The trail had once been part of the Central Cross-Island Highway, but after the route was altered it became a hiking trail. Half way along the path at the waterfall the Kelan River joined the Liwu.

Jiuqudong Trail, Taroko National Park
Near the narrowest section, Jiuqudong Trail

The Tunnel of Nine Turns had a number of faults which might explain why, when I first researched Taroko National Park, this section had been closed to the public. Fortunately, by the time I arrived in November last year, I was able to experience its beauty and feel the power of the wind at the point where the gorge was at its narrowest.

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