The strange shapes of xiaoyeliu

I cycled north of Taitung to Xiaoyeliu, where sandstone formed strange shaped rocks near waves that lashed the coast.

Nature’s artwork, Xiaoyeliu

Coral reefs were thrust upwards from the ocean over millions of years exposing coral reef rocks with a bubbly surface. Other formations were caused by organisms digging into the surface, marine erosion and weathering. Mushroom rocks had a resistant rock layer at the top with a softer layer underneath that had partially eroded.

Mushroom rocks, Xiaoyeliu

I wondered over coral reef pathways and on to some of these strange formations. A strong wind swept in off the ocean and I waited while a boyfriend patiently took at least six shots of his girlfriend in different poses on a unique rock formation and still she wanted more. She checked the shots then arranged herself in a different pose. I let out a laugh that I should have kept under my hat, but how many poses does anyone need on one section of rock?

The rock I waited to photograph (and waited), Xiaoyeliu

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