Taitung’s peinan site park

Peinan Site covered an area from behind Taitung Train Station to the foothills of Beinan Mountain. It was once a large Perinan village.

Peinan burial coffins, main hall exhibition

The Peinan were a Neolithic tribe of people who farmed rice and millet and hunted mainly wild deer and boar. Their culture dated from two to five thousand years ago.

The most interesting facts related to their burials — the site being the largest cist cemetery site in the Pacific Basin Region. Some 2000 slate coffins had been excavated. All had their feet facing Dulan Mountain. Many were multi-body burials and many were of children.  Burials were placed beneath dwellings so the living remained close to their ancestors. Adult burials often contained ceramic beads, vessels and jade objects.

Trakuban house

Once I exited the exhibits in the main hall there were examples of houses — the most interesting being the trakuban where only men were allowed. Boys moving into manhood were taken there for initiations. Further off was a slate pillar landmark that had been standing there for 3000 years. (featured photo)