Mobitou’s cat

Mobitou, situated on the far end of the Bashi Channel, was a rocky headland at the southern end of Taiwan’s western promontory. The shoreline that had eroded over time from wave action formed a wave-cut platform. 

Fringing reef coastline, Bashi Channel, Mobitou

Coral grew on the platform forming a fringing reef. This could be seen from the dark regions in the sea that contrasted with the aqua waters. The warm Kuroshio Current flowing along Kenting’s coast meant the sea temperature ranged from twenty-one to thirty degrees, perfect for reefs. 

Cat Rock, Kenting National Park

On the eastern side of the promontory was Maoyan, also known as Cat Rock — a rock that rolled into the ocean from a nearby cliff and looked like a crouching cat. From the cliff above, I needed a little extra imagination to make out the creature.

This was the first site I visited in Kenting National Park, and I would soon learn there were better places to view the coastline and not have to pay.