Hengchun’s last gate

I returned to Hengchun after a few days. That last gate, West Gate, that I’d missed niggled at me because it wasn’t every day I got to explore a walled town.

Temple opposite the West Gate, Hengchun

I headed to the West Gate first where there was a small temple, and not far away a more elaborate one. The gate’s tower had been torn down during the Japanese colonial period, and near by had been the central business district in earlier times. 

Next, I headed to Old Street. I strolled up and down this lane, but didn’t see anything historic. At the end of the narrow street a set of stone steps led to a marker. Nothing was in English to know what it signified, but behind was a path that meandered back to the West Gate.

At the end of Old Street, Hengchun

By then, I could return to Kenting, satisfied I’d explored all there was to see in Hengchun.

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