kenting’s beaches

I had planned a week’s stay in Kenting, not just for the national park, but for the beaches too. It would be my birthday during my stay, so what better way to celebrate than head for a swim at Little Bay Beach?

Little Bay Beach, Kenting National Park

Near my hotel, this beach was perfect under windy conditions. Rocks fringed the sandy area that sheltered it from much of the wind, and November was a great time to swim. It was still reaching twenty-seven degrees and I could count on one hand the number of people at the beach — none of them swimming because this was considered winter for the Taiwanese. I had the ocean to myself.

Kenting Beach, Kenting National Park

But my last day in Kenting arrived, and I decided to visit a couple more beaches after another swim at Little Bay Beach. I walked to Kenting Beach first — no swimming allowed. Next I headed to Nanwan by Long Bay. A stretch of sand looked enticing, but when I walked on the beach, wind whipped sand against my legs, stinging them. Ahead loomed the domes of the nuclear power station that was unsettling.

Long Bay Beach with Maanshan Nuclear Power Pant and outlet, South Bay

By the end of the day I was satisfied I’d stayed near the right beach.