Koxinga’s corner of tainan

Koxinga and his troops arrived in Taiwan not long after his failure at the Nanking battle in 1658. But in 1661 he captured Fort Provintia making it his residence. After he overthrew the Dutch in Fort Zeelandia, they left Taiwan in early 1662.

Koxinga statue, Tainan City

His victory explained why a section of Tainan City was dedicated to him. Koxinga’s statue stood at the corner of the park. Behind was a red building where small rooms around the perimeter contained objects from Koxinga’s era. In the far end was a shrine with his statue as the centre piece.

Entering Koxinga’s Shrine, Tainan City

Next to his shrine was Koxinga Museum. This small museum housed woodcuts, paintings, calligraphy, pots and documents. Unlike the shrine, objects were only labelled in Mandarin.

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