Hukuisu restaurant’s past

Behind the former Tainan weather observatory were beautifully restored buildings surrounded by a Japanese garden. I removed my shoes and stepped over thick wooden boards into what was once a famous Japanese restaurant during the Japanese colonial period.

Hukuisu Restaurant’s interior

The founder of the restaurant, Yoshihisa Amano, had worked in his father’s sushi restaurant in Kobe before he settled in Tainan, and eventually opened his own restaurant in 1913. The restaurant consisted of small rooms, but because it became successful, Amano later added a second storey. 

Hukuisu Japanese Restaurant, Tainan

After the Kuomintang government took over Taiwan, Hukuisu Restaurant became a faculty dormitory for Tainan’s first senior high school staff. Items that once belonged to the Amano family disappeared. It took until 2013 for the restaurant to be restored — just over 100 after it was founded.