A city of temples

Tainan felt like Temple City. If I peeked down a narrow lane there was bound to be a temple packed between buildings. If not, I only had to search the street I walked along and I was bound to spot a shrine.

Worshippers with incense sticks at the entrance of Grand Matsu Temple

One such temple was Grand Matsu Temple, where The Heavenly God Mother, Mother Mazu was worshipped (the most worshipped god in Taiwanese society). The temple was constructed in 1684 and as I wound my way through clouds of incense, it felt a little like a maze.

A temple opposite Koxinga shrine, Tainan City

I would have liked to have explored this temple and others more, but too many worshippers carried incense sticks to purify themselves, and the aroma became too potent for me.

A worshipper inside the temple opposite Koxinga shrine

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