Anping’s invaders

Long before Europeans arrived in Anping, Chinese and Japanese pirates had already been invading Taiwan. But by the mid 16thcentury, the Dutch ruled the region for thirty-eight years. They made Anping a key international port until Koxinga gained control and encouraged foreign powers to establish trading posts on the island. For more on Koxinga —

Tait & Co building, Anping

This was evident from the number of merchant houses that still existed in Anping. One I stepped into was Tait and Co, a British run merchant company, but it was difficult to maneuverer into some of its many rooms. Tour guides spoke into speakers. Their tour groups filled most of the rooms. So I retreated.

Sio house,

A remnant from Japanese colonial times when they took over the salt trade was Sio House, meaning salt in Japanese. This house was turned into a museum, but nothing was labelled in English.

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