Zeelandia fort (later anping fort)

Anping Fort was in the heart of the area’s tourist bubble, where from the bus stop, stalls lined both sides of the road all the way to the entrance into the fort. The site was typical of 17thcentury forts and a symbol of Dutch governance on the island. 

Anping watch tower within the fort

The one-storey outer fort was the commercial hub where houses and a hospital were once located.

Using red bricks, a square formed the inner fort with protruding bastions on each corner that had once been armed with cannons. The inner fort was three-storied. The lowest level was used to store food and ammunition. On the third storey were offices, a garrison and church as well as a watch tower. 

Cultural hall, Anping Fort

When the Japanese began their rule in 1895, Fort Zeelandia lay in ruins. They rebuilt part of the fort for their own use which was why there was more to see than within most forts I’d visited.