Gardens by the bay

Within Singapore’s elaborate gardens, I saw more gardeners and cleaners combing the park than tourists. This explained why the site was without one piece of garbage and the gardens immaculate.

Kampong hunt in the Malay Garden

Malay, Chinese and Colonial gardens fringed the canal. Under the shade of a kampong hut I spotted a couple of people resting and another asleep not far away. I peered through the moon gate into the Chinese garden and walked along the canal pathway. There were signs about spotting otters, but I didn’t see any. With rowers and boating enthusiasts scooting over Marina Channel, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

Through a moon gate to the Chinese garden

I explored the cactus garden, the lily pond and the children’s garden, and avoided the $S20 plus fee to enter the domes. It was an exhausting twenty-nine degrees with the humidity above seventy per cent and inside the two domes would have been hotter. I settled on a seat between them, and let the wind sweep over me, but the rest only alleviated the heat while I sat.

Water lily pond, Gardens by the Bay