Pulau ubin’s sensory trail

The afternoon reached thirty degrees. The humidity was 80%. I walked the three plus kilometres back to the Main Village for an oyster omelette and a much needed coconut water. With shaded paths and a slight breeze, the island may have been a degree cooler than mainland Singapore, but it was still steamy.

Sensory Trail, Pulau Ubin Island

Still the Sensory Trail beckoned. Along the early part of the trail were labelled trees — a jackfruit tree laden with fruit and other more common trees. But beyond the fruit trees, I took a wrong turn and ended up where a group of Tamils lounged on the beach, singing to pop songs they played. Back on the right path I passed more mangroves and palm trees until I arrived at the lily pond where the trail ended on Jalan Ubin. I spotted a group of monkeys descending a coconut tree and scooting across the road. A few half eaten durians lay at the side of the road and appeared to be the work of the monkeys. Ahead were more monkeys, one sitting on a fence chomping on something.

Durian, Pulau Ubin Island

It was time to catch a bumboat back to mainland Singapore. I reached the pier and sat with the others waiting. The ferry operator waited until there were twelve passengers before he called us on to his bumboat, and I watched the island grow smaller as we chugged back to mainland Singapore.

Jackfruit along the Sensory Trail

4 thoughts on “Pulau ubin’s sensory trail”

  1. This sounded like a very scenic day on Pulau Ubin’s sensory trail, like a short getaway from the main island. The monkeys don’t seem to hostile but more so hungry and focused on their food. I’m guessing you probably wouldn’t ever want to try feed them.

    Of my seven years living in Singapore, somehow I never got around to visit Pulau Ubin.

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    1. It took my 8th visit to Singapore, before I visited Pulau Ubin Island, so you never know. Monkeys always give me the creeps — they are often unpredictable.


      1. Hope each visit to Singapore was a great one. Pulau Ubin would be great for a day trip and a brief change of scenery. Speaking of monkeys, when I visited Batu Caves, monkeys approached me when I didn’t approach them. They are indeed unpredictable.

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