changi parks

Returning on the bumboat from Pulau Ubin Island, Changi Village and the nearby parks beckoned. At the ferry terminal I headed to Changi Point Coastal Walk first. A trail wrapped its way over the shoreline where I was one of only a handful of other hikers. 

Changi Point Trail with Pulau Ubin in the distance

Next I headed to Changi Beach Park over a pedestrian walkway. The park was a narrow strip of land across from Pulau Ubin Island to the north-west and Tekong Island to the north-east — an island used by the Singaporean military. A sea breeze swept over the park’s flat spit, fringed with a white sandy beach. While there were a couple of bathers, most visitors strolled through the park or hung out in the open air bar.

Changi Beach Park from Changi Point Trail

The sun was sinking, and I had been hiking for most of the day. It was time to catch a bus, then the train back to my digs.