a taste bud for singapore

At the end of 2018 I entered Singapore for the eighth time. One of the reasons I’d been back so many times was food. My mouth had watered at the thought of venturing into Komala Vilas again. I ate breakfast there every morning, but there was more to taste than just South Indian vegetarian food.

Oyster omelette on Pulau Bin Island

On Pulau Ubin Island I had an oyster omelette. I’d tried one in Taiwan that would have been delicious without tomato sauce poured over it. The island omlette however, was just oysters and eggs — perfect, except the restaurant owner wouldn’t let me take a bite until I paid first.

Chicken biryani at Bismillah Biryani Restaurant, Little India

In Korea, I’d seen a program on Singapore’s best unknown restaurants, and there was a segment on Bismillah Biryani Restaurant in Little India. I had to go there. I didn’t arrived until around two in the afternoon, but every table was occupied in the little restaurant. I ordered chicken biriyani and the man opposite assured me it was the best in town. Even though the chicken was a little dry, it was delicious. I could see why people kept pouring in, but I’m still partial to Gujarati style biryani that is richer with a thick yoghurt/burnt onion sauce.