Singapore’s emerald hill road

Just off Orchard Road was a quiet street where tall trees shaded part of the road and old style houses lined both sides. This was one of Singapore’s most beautiful areas where I could gain a glimpse of its past.

At the beginning of Emerald Hill Road

I had been to Singapore many times over the decades and there were memories from the past that were better long gone, but on this street, every house was preserved, and it wasn’t just the outside paint work that made it worth walking back and forth along this 500 metre stretch.

One of the houses along Emerald Hill Road

Back in the 1920s R.T. Rajoo designed many of these houses in a mixture of both Chinese and European traditions. Beautiful shutters covered windows, tiles lay over many entrances and on some, decorated double doors were added features. What a contrast it was, compared to the Orchard Road where I then strolled with little interest.

One of many ornate doors along the stretch