Karragarra island

We caught the ferry over to Karragarra Island, a small island across from Russell Island in Moreton Bay that we intended to walk around. On one side was a narrow strip of sandy beach and on the opposite side, mangroves.

Driverless bus, Karragarra Island

We hiked along the road under the shade of gum trees and watched out for the island’s bus. It was the first time I’d seen a driverless, solar powered bus plough its way along the quiet street. It maneuvered back and forth as we crossed to the side of the island where I could spot Russell Island. 

Curlew with a duck in the background

Coming back I spotted a few curlew scavenging over the ground. They didn’t take their eyes off us although they remained silent. I would have liked to have heard their haunting calls that usually were common after dark.

It was a perfect day and yet there were few people about to enjoy a quick dip in the sea before the tide went out.

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