The world at our fingertips

We headed to Footscray, a western Melbourne suburb and arrived along a street where there must have been a dozen Indian restaurants as well as an Indian supermarket and a couple of glittering clothing shops. But after a quick grocery shop, we headed to the heart of Footscray to experience the rest of what the suburb had to offer.

Footscray’s main shopping area

Along its busy shopping hub were Ethiopians striding the pavement, West Africans, and people from every Asian country. I lost count of the different languages I heard along the way. Iridescent fabrics dawned shop displays. The aroma of spices sailed in the humid air, and one menu sign offered fish samosas.

Green papaya salad, fish cakes, vegetable Thai pad

Footscray had a vibrant market too with stalls of spicy food, fresh fruits and vegetables and the aroma of Vietnamese coffee on sale at more than one store. We headed to a Thai restaurant recommended to us where green papaya salad, fish cakes and Thai pad tempted us.

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  1. It’s been a while since I popped over the Footscray. I think you summed up the culture of this place in this post. It is indeed very diverse and glittering clothing shops that you can’t find in the CBD. It definitely has a different cultural vibe and you get the feeling there is a sense of community among the locals.

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