The other virus

Were you aware of the virus that hit before Covid#19 spread and changed our world — the one that’s still raging and cannot be cured by a vaccine?

Seoul metro, South Korea

This virus causes the user to stop talking to others face to face. It results in eye strain from late nights when the user cannot switch off the device. It worries parents about what those users are looking at. It makes children shout several times before their parents are aware someone’s talking to them. I’ve even observed a couple on a date sitting opposite each other in a restaurant who didn’t look or speak to each other once, but their thumbs never stopped moving.

Calgary, Canada

One of the last times I rode on the skytrain downtown into Vancouver before the latest virus hit us, I remember seeing most of the passengers silent, with their heads bowed. But there was this one rare couple. Do you know what they were doing?

By Smumun gate, Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul (Age is no barrier to this virus)

They were talking and laughing with each other! I soaked up this rare phonomime and still wonder — is it a dying skill?

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  1. I see this a lot as well. It’s why I always encourage conversation at the dinner table and would never dream of scanning my phone while out for a meal. On the upside, I suppose, I see people waiting in long lineups without showing the slightest impatience, because their phones are keeping them entertained. I’d still rather avoid a long line, than use my phone to entertain me…old school, I guess.

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