Clever signs

I may be a writer, but I can never come up with clever puns. When I see or hear someone else with a slick line, I am gobsmacked — like the CBC radio show, The Debaters, I shake my head at their quick wit, and of course, laugh!

Fitzroy, Melbourne

When I spot a witty sign, I can’t help but pull out my cell phone to memorize someone’s knack for a name. Like Lord of the Fries that I spotted while strolling down one of Melbourne’s streets, or Formost Hotel that I passed in Taiwan. If you don’t think that’s clever, then you’ve forgotten that the island was once called Formosa. 

Kenting, Taiwan

A long time ago I saw a sign that wasn’t meant to be funny but had me chuckling — Young senior citizens. Young is the name of a town in Australia, New South Wales.

I can’t omit to mention a new one that sprouted up in my neighbourhood this year — Kurry Up. This food truck is sometimes parked on Pinetree Way, but I’ve also seen it near Port Moody Library with the scents of India that capture the memorable journeys I once took.