First glimpse of a tamil nadu island

I arrived in Rameswaram by train on India’s south-east coast over a clanking bridge that connected the island to the rest of Tamil Nadu. In those days, there was only the railway bridge to the island from the mainland, so with no cars, everyone walked or biked along the island’s main sandy street.

Candy seller on the main street of Rameswaram

My cotton clothes clung to me with the incessant heat and humidity while I plodded from the railway station past restaurants with sandy floors. I discovered a a movie theatre — a cement floor with a screen up front but no seats or a roof overhead. With no traffic, the slow pace of the island was a relief after Chennai, and I had no plans of where I’d go next.

Featured image courtesy of: Deepak Bansi, Creative Commons.

One thought on “First glimpse of a tamil nadu island”

  1. That sounded like a peaceful welcome in Rameswaram, Mallee. Those were the days, no cars and everyone got around on foot. It would probably have been some effort, but people back then worked hard. I have heard of movie theaters like the one you mentioned in Malaysia decades ago. The hard cement floors were normal in a theater back then, none of the carpeted fanfare we have today in Australia.

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