RAmeswaram sadhus

Featured image: Courtesy of Steve Evans wikimedia commons


Rameswaram offered sadhus a livelihood, not that their needs were great. These holy men with an orange robes, bare feet and box of colours, spent their days at the Ramanathaswamy temple where travel worn pilgrims flocked, seeking their blessing. After they shaved a head, painted a forehead and said a prayer, the devout Hindu handed over a rupee. 

Inside Ramanathaswamy temple. Photo courtesy: Rajaraman Sundaram Wikimedia Commons

The sadhu I came to know who’d walked all the way from Benaras, only ate one meal a day. He kept his few rupees tied in a knot in the corner of his orange robe and his tiny tin of powder in another — all his worldly possessions.

I have never forgotten this old man I befriended and included him in a small corner of my manuscript that I’ve now handed over to an editor