Curry or starve

When I first went to India, western fast food hadn’t infiltrated its borders. Travellers either ate curry, or didn’t eat. I had a quick introduction into South Indian cuisine and wondered how I’d survived without the amazing flavours, even though my mouth burned.

Spice box

Indian sweets never grabbed me the way a crispy masala dosa or a sambar did. Unlike the few Europeans who visited at that time and lost weight from dysentery, I gained weight. Today I’m still 100% addicted to eating South Indian food. I even have two spice boxes that contain most of what I need to capture the flavours I once ate daily in Tamil Nadu.

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  1. Even though now Western fast food chains have entered the Indian market, they’re pretty much “Indianized”, if that makes sense. When James and I were traveling in southern India for a month back in 2015, there was one time when we wanted to have something familiar. So in Pondicherry we went to a Pizza Hut and we were surprised to find almost everything in the menu had masala, including the drinks.

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