masala dosa

My introduction to a masala dosa was in a Brahman restaurant near the Ramanthaswamy Temple in Rameswaram. If I timed it right, a boy in a white sarong wearing a Brahmin string over his shoulder whisked past swinging an urn between tables. Perfumed incense filled the air hovering like mist above the hungry crowd.

Masala dosa, Singapore

Since then, my attempt to replicate dosas have turned out the soggiest, floppiest hunk of cooked rice flour that I’ve dropped straight into the bin. So I’m always on the lookout for a good Tamil restaurant where I can savour that never forgotten flavour.

When my daughter and I were in Singapore, we stumbled upon Komala Vilas and every day of that visit, we ate brunch and our evening meal there. I can’t fly to South India or Singapore every time I need a dosa fix, but there are a couple of dosa restaurants that are not too far from where I live that I hope have survived the shutdown over the past few months.