Disappearing men in white

Featured image courtesy: Nandini, Wikimedia Commons


Usually, it was women’s traditional outfits that caught my eye in India, but in Gujarat it was the men’s. They passed by wearing white kurtas and dotis. Their heads were covered in a loosely worn, large, white turban that appeared to balance precariously as if it might topple off or unwind at any moment. Sadly, many of the younger men had already switched to western attire that was unsuitable for the north-western state’s summers.

A common sight all over India, Puducherry

In Ahmedabad we visited Gandhi’s ashram. I didn’t fully appreciate the history stored in his simple lodgings at that time. He was someone whom I grew to admire in later years. 

His statue graced the middle of a roundabout in the city—his gait and walking cane a reminder of the salt march. It was an event that took place in Gujarat to defy the colonial law than banned Indians from making salt so the British could cease the monopoly. While Gandhi appeared serene, Ahmedabad was anything but peaceful. 

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