Burnaby Mountain hike

Some time back, a friend and I climbed the five hundred steps up Burnaby Mountain to the park perched above. A view of Burrard Inlet, Belcarra’s Admiralty Point and North Vancouver’s Deep Cove peeked through the trees. 

One of Kushiro Park’s unique carvings, Burnaby Mountain

At the top was Kushiro Park to commemorate Kushiro in Japan and its sister city, Burnaby. Tall wooden carvings stood along the sloping hillside with a mixture of First Nation symbolism and a hint of Buddhism. Beyond lay a view of downtown Vancouver and the Strait of Georgia.

Burnaby Mountain trail

This summer we decided to hike the trails that skirted the mountain. Some three hundred hectares had been set aside as a reserve below Simon Fraser University, and after climbing the mountain from a different direction, this was what we intended to explore. On our ten kilometre hike the trails curved up, down and around the dense forest until we came back to those five hundred steps we’d climbed a few summers ago. Up and up we hiked once again to take in the final view before we descended down the other side.

Those 500 steps that led back up to the top of Burnaby Mountain

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