Placid Puri

After a long train journey from Delhi and being inland since leaving Mumbai, I welcomed the ocean. Puri, in Odisha state, wasn’t a large town when we visited. Most hikes we took were over sandy lanes or along the beach that stretched well past the town. But it was relaxing after the buzz of Delhi and Agra where it seemed impossible to avoid crowds.

Puri women. Photo courtesy Carla Antonini, Wikimedia Commons.

We stayed by the beach where waves pounded the sand with a force that sent vibrations through the body. The wind hurled over the sea, bringing the scorching temperature down.

As a child, I’d collected art magazines, and in one of the many I browsed and read with eager eyes, was an article on the Sun Temple. I’d dreamed of visiting this and other India sites mentioned in the magazine which was why we were in Puri. It would only be a short bus ride to the temple I had long ago ogled in the glossy pages of the magazine.

Featured image courtesy Radoslaw Botev, Wikimedia Commons.