The Sun Temple of Konrak

We entered the 13th century Odisha complex, and the first image I spied was a wheel that was part of a giant sculptured chariot. I had seen a replica of the wheel duplicated at the entrance to the Oberoi Hotel in Delhi. Beyond the wheel were sculptured people in different sexual positions along the walls. 

The Sun Temple complex behind the chariot, Konrak

Local tourists sniggered. And if I had somehow overlooked this sensual art, I was reminded by vendors with their packets of black and white photos who egged us to buy their picture sets of “ten different positions.” 

I stepped towards the main Hindu building behind the chariot into a musty room to avoid the hawkers. This was one of the stone structures I’d read about years earlier, so standing within the ancient stone walls was almost as awe inspiring as the Taj.

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  1. If I only had one more chance to return to India, this temple would be the one I wouldn’t want to miss. From the moment I first saw images of those giant sculpted wheels several years back, I was immediately fascinated and intrigued.

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