India’s southern cities

I like the sound of Bangalore and Mysore. Sadly, I remember little about these south Indian cities I visited. My only recollection is asking a man in the street if he knew about a particular institution. What an odd memory to hold when I’m sure these cities had a lot to offer. 

Minakshi temple, Madurai. Photo courtesy Gourav Mainali, Wikimedia Commons.

By this time, I was travel weary, especially with two small children, one still in nappies and this was before disposable ones. I had been a slow, stay in the one place and get to know the area kind of traveller with someone who wanted to see all India in three months. 

That’s why I carry every detail of Rameswaram’s sandy streets I’d visited on my own but only one memory of these cities. Even Madurai, I can only recall that we stayed at the railway station facilities. We took a photo of the city’s famous temple—but like many of my photos from that trip, I have since passed them on to my daughters who stood patiently before my camera.

Featured image courtesy of Arunsbhat, Wikimedia Commons.

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